Demo Mode in Decode

What is a Demo Mode?

Demo Mode allows users to explore the functionalities in Decode which would help new users to learn about the platform. It allows users to freely interact with the platform's functionalities and get a feel of how everything works on Decode.

When you use Demo Mode, you'll be taken to the "Library" page, where you will find qualitative and quantitative demo studies that have been curated. You can click around, interact with things, and get a feel for how everything functions, just like you would in the real version.

What can you do in Demo Mode?

While in Demo Mode, you can:

  • Explore Blocks: Interact with our platform's versatile Blocks to create captivating surveys and schedule meetings.
  • Learn with Confidence: Use Demo Mode as a safe learning tool without fear of mistakes.
  • View Insights: Discover powerful data-driven insights from active and closed studies.

How to enable Demo Mode?

To enable Demo Mode, follow the below steps: 

Step 1: Once you log into your Decode account, you will be directed to the dashboard.

Step 2: From the navigation panel available on the left side of the dashboard, click on the "Demo Mode" button.

Step 3: Your Demo Mode will be activated, and you will taken to the library page, where you will find a few studies already created. You can open the study, explore various blocks, and view the insights as well.

Once you enter the demo mode, a yellow frame will appear on your screen. 

Step 4: To exit the Demo Mode, click anywhere outside the yellow frame or on the Demo Mode button available at the top of the screen.