Subscription Widget in Decode

In the Decode Dashboard, you'll discover a comprehensive subscription widget designed to provide you with insights into the remaining usage limits of your workspace as per your subscription plan. This widget neatly organizes crucial information, including the number of days remaining in your trial, storage capacity, transcription minutes, and survey response allocations.

Let's delve into each option to help you understand and make the most of your data:

  • Days Remaining: Keep track of the remaining days in your trial or subscription period to ensure seamless planning and utilization of the platform.
  • Data Left: This section informs you about the remaining amount of data (video/audio/files) that can be uploaded to the platform, ensuring you stay well within the specified limits and plan accordingly.
  • Minutes: The remaining minutes that is available for transcription, empowering you to manage and allocate your transcription resources effectively.
  • Survey Responses: Gain insights into the number of survey responses you can collect. It's important to note that this count pertains specifically to surveys without Eye Tracking and Facial Coding technologies.
  • AI Responses: For surveys incorporating Eye Tracking and Facial Coding technologies, this section outlines the number of AI-enhanced survey responses you can collect. This does not include responses from surveys without these technologies.

 If your survey comprises both traditional survey blocks and AI blocks, the response count will be deducted from the AI Responses and not from the general Survey Responses. This distinction ensures accurate tracking and allocation of your response resources